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Health Studies B.S. and M.S.

dietetics icon 营养学

大学本科 | 加速b.s./m.s。

该 营养学 curriculum provides foundation, knowledge and skills in 该 areas of communications, physical and biological sciences, social sciences, research, food, nutrition, management and health care systems.

ESMS Icon Exercise, Sport and Movement Sciences

大学本科 | 毕业 | 加速b.s./m.s。

A concentration in Exercise, Sport and Movement Sciences provides a comprehensive

physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior and exercise programming.  Health Science Icon 健康科学


该 健康科学 concentration allows you to pursue your interests among the various health professions. It is grounded in health promotion 该ory and strategies, but offers elective hours to allow you to align your program with your own professional 目标。

Healthcare leadership Icon 医疗保健领导 

大学本科 |只在网上提供

to the field of leadership with coursework in areas such as 该 healthcare environment, professionalism, leadership, business skills and communication.

 促进健康 icon



毕业 |只在网上提供

This program examines the various factors responsible for 该 adoption and maintenance of health-related behaviors and identifies best practices that can be implemented 对于 lifestyle change across a variety of settings. 毕业s will be able to design, implement, manage and evaluate health promotion programs in a variety of settings.

 医疗协助 Icon 医疗协助

大学本科 Minor Only

Coursework in the Medical Assisting minor allows students to obtain the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed to sit for the national certification exam in 医疗协助. If you do not desire to obtain a certificate, the coursework should be helpful if you choose to pursue o该r entry-level healthcare positions 对于 which such knowledge and skills may be desired.



nutrition icon 临床营养

毕业 | M.S. & DI M.S. Combined Program

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lasting only 16 months. 该 didactic curriculum focuses on preparing students 对于 临床轮转。 

营养环境 Icon 营养环境

毕业 |只在网上提供

502 Bad Gateway between food, nutrition and 该 environment.  营养科学 Icon 营养科学


该 Nutritional Science concentration provides students with an excellent opportunity to pursue yout interests in understanding 该 roles of nutrition in health and disease, development and aging and in athletic per对于mance.


Physical Education Teacher Education B.S.Ed. and M.S.

PETE icon

Physical Education Teacher Education                               


大学本科 | 在线研究生     

学生们 have the option of taking the PETE licensure or 该 non-licensure track 对于 your undergraduate degree. 该 licensure program prepares you to become physically

and Wellness. Our non-licensure PETE option, the Community PE program, involves some of the same courses that 该 licensure students take, and prepares you to teach and coach children physical 活动 patterns in community settings.



Sport Nutrition icon

Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation



该 graduate certificate in Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation is useful 对于 registered dietitians/nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and healthcare providers (e.g., nurses, pharmacists) who may receive questions